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  • Title: Turn clustomers into customers
  • Subtitle: How to identify and attract customers through personalization at scale
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  • Introduction
  • The Challenge
  • The Mailchimp Advantage
  • Goal #1—Converting New Customers
  • Goal #2—Cross-Selling
  • Goal #3—Driving Repeat Sales
  • Goal #4—Re-engaging Lost Customers
  • In Closing


This e-book is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, and businesses are fictitious‌.

Introduction: How personalization tools help you scale your business and achieve your goals         


As your business grows, you’ll need to adopt more sophisticated marketing strategies to continue to engage your audience and drive revenue. Old tactics, like sending the same email to your entire list, hinder meaningful engagement and create a “clustomer” problem. A clustomer is a group of undifferentiated customers who all receive the same marketing message. This happens when marketers fail to segment targets and personalize their messaging to the fullest extent. Personalizing your messaging is the way forward.  In fact, a recent Edelman study shows that 9 in 10 marketers agree that personalization is the most successful strategy they’ve used*.

But you might be asking yourself how you can realistically increase sales through better marketing.

Organizations of all sizes can find the answer using an advanced, data-driven marketing program that includes segmentation, personalized customer journeys, and multivariate testing to turn clustomers into customers with Mailchimp.    

*Based on an online survey commissioned by Edelman DxI on behalf of Intuit Mailchimp (June 2023) of 2,200 US and UK customers and e-commerce professionals (Customers = 1000 US and 500 UK; E-commerce professionals = 500 US and 200 UK from companies with 10-499 employees and revenue between $1M to $999.99M USD).

In this guide, we’ll tell the story of Primaria, a fictitious sustainable eyewear company, as it aims to keep its brand messaging relevant and scale its marketing strategy. As you follow along, discover how Mailchimp can help businesses like Primaria automate targeted marketing, use advanced analytics, and deliver content to the right audiences at the right time with segmentation and personalization tools. 


Meet Primaria: Where style meets conscience

Primaria is an eyeglasses brand where fashion and compassion intersect. The company’s founder, Carlos Howard, is a leader in the eyewear industry. His mission: design sustainable, stylish sunglasses that help cultivate a promising future.

Carlos, Sam,and June, the Primaria team, consider giving back to their community a priority, and they donate 10% of their proceeds to a charity dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals pay for necessary surgeries. Through their efforts, the company’s growth maintains incredible momentum, and they actively seek ways to automate, enhance segmentation, increase revenue, and save time.

The Challenge: Scaling up with heart    

As Primaria’s star ascends, so do the challenges of managing a rapidly growing business. For example, the team has been sending bulk emails to loyal customers, but they’ve noticed that the response is declining. Could this be because they no longer address their customers individually but as one large clustomer?

At this point, they can see that treating all customer relationships similarly hurts their potential for future revenue. The team needs additional data to determine how to best maintain their highly personal and empathetic interactions with individual customers at scale. They need to streamline their workflows, collect deeper data insights, and keep the personal touch that defines their brand. 

After making a list of their primary needs, the Primaria team searched for services to help them automate and personalize their communications. While gathering information about Mailchimp, they came across success stories that resonated with their own journey.

For example, the Canadian moving company MovingWaldo* embraced automation and A/B testing to engage different customer segments, helping boost their sales.

Italian-based QuyCup**, a reusable cup, thermos, and mug company, reaped an astounding 850% ROI by integrating Mailchimp’s cross-platform e-commerce data and setting up automations to convert and re-target their shoppers.         

After gaining these insights, Primaria contacted a Mailchimp associate and discovered that Mailchimp users could access over 50 behavior-based triggers and 10 AI models while achieving:      

  • Up to 7 times more orders by creating automated journeys with Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder, compared to bulk emails1
  • 141% more revenue on average with AI-built predictive segments2                     
  • Up to a 33% higher click rate with Mailchimp’s segments3           

Primaria confidently chose Mailchimp’s Premium plan after seeking guidance from trusted business associates and friends.            

*MovingWaldo is a real Mailchimp customer, and the results presented are based on its actual data and the outcomes it achieved.  Read Moving Waldo’s story.

**QuyCup is a real Mailchimp customer, and the results presented are based on its actual data and the outcomes it achieved. Read QuyCup’s story.

1 Up to 7 times more orders generated through users’ connected stores versus when they used bulk emails between January 1, 2022, and July 1, 2023. Features and functionality of Customer Journey Builder varies by plan.

2 141% more revenue for users’ connected stores using predictive segmented emails versus non-predictive segmented emails for January 1, 2022 – July 1, 2023, period. Standard and Premium plans only.

3 Emails sent with segments against their non-segmented emails.


The Mailchimp Advantage: Getting acquainted

The Primaria team eagerly dove into their personalization journey, guided by a dedicated MailchimpOnboarding Specialist ready to assist them at every step. Together, they completed the process of handling integrations and uploading contacts.      

During their four sessions, the Mailchimp Onboarding Specialist came to understand their business goals and challenges. The specialist offered Primaria tailored advice, such as prioritizing their most captivating email copy and outreach materials as the groundwork for the campaigns they plan to launch.         

CTA: New to Mailchimp? Learn how our Onboarding Specialists can help you get started quickly and confidently.

For those who prefer to gain a full understanding of the platform after you’ve selected your plan, here are some essential links to kick-start the experience:    

A framework for success: Unleashing Mailchimp’s personalization powers

After becoming familiar with Mailchimp’s suite of automation and personalization tools, Primaria established four goals it aimed to achieve with Mailchimp:

  • Convert prospects
  • Cross-sell to valued customers
  • Nurture repeat sales      
  • Reignite connections with those lost along the way

To achieve these goals, Primaria approached its clustomer problem through its new Mailchimp tools, which would help them scale personalization through:

  • Advanced Personalization/segmentation: Primaria can send the proper communications to the right people at the right time, providing dynamic content thoughtfully tailored to speak directly to customers’ preferences with Mailchimp’s personalization and segmentation tools and capabilities.
  • Customer journeys: From the first point of contact to post-purchase follow-ups, Primaria turns the customer journey into an engaging, automated experience that helps foster brand loyalty and drive conversions with Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder. 
  • Contact management: Primaria can easily organize contacts, improve segmentation, and send automated communications with Mailchimp’s robust contact management tools. 
  • Sales and website data analysis: Primaria now has access to valuable data and insights, enabling informed marketing decisions that can help drive growth and sustain success using Mailchimp’s sales and website analytics tools.

Goal #1—Converting New Customers: Crafting the ultimate customer journey to convert more sales    

Primaria began by creating customer journeys and using A/B testing strategies to convert new customers. Until recently, the team members had been manually answering emails, but now they needed automation to handle the volume. The aim was to enhance open rates and drive sales. 

First, they looked at a segment they were largely ignoring that had great potential: visitors who arrive at their website from Instagram and Google Ads and sign up for discounts, but don’t make a purchase. The team believed that optimized segmentation and personalization with this new customer segment could result in more sales. They began with Mailchimp’s About Customer Journeys tutorial page as their guide.

The team also outlined their plans for multivariate testing to help them convert more customers. Their plans included:    

  • Pinpointing the most effective ways and times to communicate the brand’s mission and charitable endeavors to potential customers.
  • Offering discounts to potential customers for items current customers are actively searching for.
  • Delivering tailored product recommendations based on individual browsing history.

The team decided to test different first-purchase discounts. June proposed that they test a reoffer of the same discount the potential customer signed up for alongside a discount on a single pair of shades to create the two distinct customer journeys shown here.

June reviewed their best-performing welcome email copy and made some changes as the team completed the setup. She shared an updated version with the team.

Subject: Greetings from the Primaria Team!

Dear [Customer’s Name],

Thank you for considering Primaria as your go-to source for stylish eye protection that goes beyond aesthetics. We’re not just any brand—we’re a sustainable movement that strives to make a positive impact, making eyewear that encourages people to find their shade of confidence while also being mindful of the environment.    

As a token of our gratitude, we’re offering you a special discount: Click here for 50% off your second pair of shades! Style, sustainability, and savings are our triple-S guarantee.

Sun protection never looked so good.

Our sunglasses are crafted from 100% recycled plastic, ensuring a sustainable choice without compromising affordability. While we craft our sunglasses to last, we’re also proud to offer an affordable repair service in case anything happens to your favorite pair of shades. Plus, with every purchase you make, 10% goes towards providing necessary vision-improving surgeries for those in need.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Ready to embrace the sun and the savings? Let’s make an impact together.

Carbon-consciously yours,      

Carlos, Sam, and June    

After reading the updated welcome email, Carlos and Sam eagerly gave their approval.

As the Primaria team improved their customer conversion strategies with Mailchimp, they examined cross-selling next, another key aspect of personalizing their marketing.        

Callout box: QuyCup started their Mailchimp journey with a welcome series automation that covered the discovery, conversion, and remarketing stages of the customer journey, alongside an offer that helped create incentives for new customers and built trust.

CTA: Boost revenue by converting customers with Mailchimp. Speak with a representative today.

Goal #2—Cross-Selling: Maximizing opportunities for loyal customers

Now that the team has put the mechanics in place to learn more about how to distinguish different types of new customers, they wanted to start looking at interactions with customers they already had. After working with Mailchimp for a while, they understood that they could help increase revenue through cross-selling by further differentiating this clustomer group.

For this, they planned to use the e-commerce segmentation data generated by Mailchimp to identify the target customers they wished to engage.

They found the information they needed in the Mailchimp Segment Purchase Activity tutorial and devised a plan to create tailored emails and notifications addressing the following areas:

  • Product recommendations Drawing insights from purchase history, Primaria can provide personalized product recommendations to customers, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Seasonal and new products Primaria can send timely reminders about replenished inventory, seasonal releases, and new product launches, ensuring customers don’t miss out on exciting offerings.
  • Discounts for slow-moving inventory The team can offer specialized discounts to encourage sales of slower-moving inventory, capture bargain hunters’ attention, and create a sense of exclusivity.
  • Sunglasses repair service Primaria can extend personalized discounts to customers who have previously used the repair service and those who may not be aware of this convenient option yet.

At the same time, the team focused on A/B testing strategies for each customer category. For example, they aimed to identify the most opportune times to engage bargain hunters by experimenting with different days of the week and the duration between a purchase and the offer presented.

As the team discussed the workload in designing these targeted campaigns, June suggested they explore Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant to help them streamline the process. They explored this helpful video guide on how to use the Creative Assistant for a breakdown of the process.

Primaria is using Creative Assistant to generate on-brand designs for new campaigns from their brand elements such as colors, fonts, and logo. This allows them to scale their designs for multichannel campaigns and generate content faster, enabling them to make their marketing efforts more personalized and more targeted.

Callout box: MovingWaldo found success by running A/B tests. The moving assistance company tested open rates by people in the process of moving compared to those who had moved at least 45 days ago. The company found that open rates more than doubled—from 19% to 42%—when they sent emails during the move. MovingWaldo used this information to help improve its customer engagement.

CTA: Need to improve re-targeting? Mailchimp can help—speak with a representative today.

Goal #3—Driving Repeat Sales: Cultivating loyal customers

During a morning meeting, Sam mentioned that Primaria didn’t have a targeted strategy for identifying customers it could resell to. They had been too busy trying to keep up with day-to-day operations and audience management to effectively segment and target those who would be likely to purchase again. He brought up that Primaria could use Mailchimp’s AI-powered predictive analytics to show customers with the highest lifetime value (LTV). He suggested that the company use this data to help engage repeat customers and maintain their loyalty.      

Sam took the team through Mailchimp’s tutorial Drive E-Commerce Sales With AI-Powered Predictive Analytics to help get them up to speed with how it works. After navigating to the Audience dashboard, they could select the specific audience they wanted to view.

Once inside, the team can easily identify customers who:

  • Have the highest LTV.
  • Are most likely to make repeat purchases.
  • Exhibit varying levels of engagement with emails and the website.

The team agreed to develop a personalized loyalty program to cater to each customer’s interests and preferences. The program would also include a points system, allowing customers to earn rewards and perks such as free repairs, discounted or free pairs of glasses, or the option to donate an additional amount to Primaria’s charity partner.

Carlos added that he could easily incorporate a feature on their website where customers can choose how they want to redeem their loyalty points.

By leveraging the power of predictive analytics and implementing a personalized loyalty program, Primaria aimed to strengthen customer loyalty and encourage repeat sales.

CTA: Find the customers that are most likely to buy again, learn how, get in touch with Mailchimp today.

Goal #4—Re-engaging Lost Customers: Exclusive offers and personalization

As the Primaria team continued to segment their audience, they noticed another group of customers ripe for engagement. During campaign design discussions, June shared that Mailchimp’s cutting-edge AI-powered predictive analytics and precision targeting capabilities could help them reach out to customers who hadn’t purchased in a certain amount of time after visiting the website or opening an email.

She pointed out that Mailchimp’s capabilities would allow them to craft personalized incentives, exclusive opportunities, and heartfelt storytelling that resonate with these customers individually.

June proposed extending an exclusive opportunity to these customers, allowing them to be the first to purchase next season’s styles. She emphasized that this gesture had the potential to help reignite their interest and excitement while making them feel valued and appreciated.

The team realized the power of personalized incentives in reconnecting with lost customers. They targeted those who hadn’t purchased in the last year with product discounts. Additionally, for customers who hadn’t made a purchase in 6 months but had purchased within the year, they offered a discount on their sunglasses repair service. By tailoring these offers, the team aimed to acknowledge their customers’ previous relationship with the brand and create a compelling reason for them to revisit their offerings.

These incentives would remind customers of Primaria’s quality and style and encourage them to rediscover their love for the brand and make new purchases. Furthermore, to deepen the emotional connection and foster a sense of community, the team highlighted the positive impact these customers had on the lives of visually impaired individuals. As a result, Primaria is seamlessly fostering lasting connections and significantly improving customer re-engagement.                                                   

CTA: Send the right communications and catch the interest of past shoppers with Mailchimp. Contact a representative today.

In Closing: The benefits of personalization at scale      

Primaria’s hard work is paying off as it implements personalization strategies at scale. The clustomer problem is no more! With each new refinement the team continues to see tangible improvements in key metrics like sales, average order value, LTV, email open rates, and website traffic. And just like MovingWaldo and QuyCup, they are embracing automation and A/B testing to help convert more customers, retarget shoppers, and see huge sales and revenue improvements.


Personalized content helps drive click-through rates

The team’s efforts have led to improved click-through rates, indicating that customers not only open Primaria’s emails but also engage with the content, which can lead to more purchases. This higher level of interaction demonstrates that the personalized approach captures customers’ attention, piques their interest, and meets their needs.


Tailored experiences help strengthen connections

Primaria’s customers express their appreciation for the authentic and personalized experiences they have begun to receive, showcasing the power of personalization in building stronger connections with customers. As accolades and positive customer reviews begin to roll in, the feedback and increase in sales further affirm the team’s progress and validate the brand’s transformed marketing efforts.


Continuous improvement through testing and segmentation

Inspired by these initial successes, the Primaria team understands that effective testing and segmentation lie at the core of their personalization strategy and will strive to refine and enhance their segmentation practices. They’ll focus on specific customer segments and tailor campaigns to create meaningful and memorable interactions with customers that authentically convey the essence of the Primaria brand.


Long-term engagement and success

Looking ahead, the team is excited to brainstorm new and innovative campaign ideas that will captivate customers while staying true to the brand’s values. They’re determined to consistently deliver personalized experiences that delight and engage their audience, fostering long-term loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Mailchimp’s powerful tools have transformed the Primaria team into sophisticated mid-level marketers who are well-positioned to thrive in the competitive sunglasses market, enabling the team to deliver exceptional experiences that resonate with their audience and drive sustainable business growth.

Additional Disclosures/Disclaimers Page:

1 FPO—Disclosure number one here.

2 FPO—Disclosure number two here.

3 FPO—Disclosure number three here.

4 FPO—Disclosure number four here.

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