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No longer are the days of pumping out enormous amounts of content to get attention on the web. Instead, businesses need high-quality work with well-researched facts and SEO. STech writing is well prepared to deliver on that in the areas of business, finance, medical, and technology. Check out some of my work below; click on the images.

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I enjoy the process behind technically based writing. I love to learn, research, and collect data. Once I am done with that, putting it all together into a polished end product is very satisfying. I also enjoy working with clients and getting their output just right.

I have written many types of content, including websites, blogs, case studies, editorials, eBooks, descriptive texts, white papers, research pieces, educational material, social posts, and much more.

In my free time I like to go running, participate in obstacle races, sail, swim, write, paint, cook, and spend time with family.

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