PROS Comic Strip Ads from Ad Drama

Asset Rationale

Scorch is creating 10 comic strips from the second episode in the “Best-Kept Secret” series. The following is a selection of five scenes that are about five seconds each with images and transcripts from the scene. The scenes are selected with the intention of highlighting what PROS does.

Strip 1


Grad: “This diner is an odd choice. Southwest Diner, Southwest Airlines. PROS’s first customer? I just thought someone of your intelligence would have known that, it is your middle name.”

Strip 2


Grad: “They got CPQ plus AI-powered pricing. That’s what’s allowing the CFO to control both sides of the margin equation and increase gross profit. It’s smart CPQ.”

Ted: “So, what is profit optimization software?


Grad: “Prooooofiit ooooptimmiiiizaaaation soffftwaaaare, P-R-O-S[HT1] , PROS!”

Strip 3


Grad: “PROS manages both sides of the margin equation.”

Ted: “You mean price and cost?”


Grad: “Yeah, let me make it clear. 20, 8, 6, 4. Use this decoder ring and listen to what I’m saying. 18, 14, 16, 12 …”

(alt pic of decoder ring)


Strip 4


Grad: “Grad had you totally fooled. He completely convinced you there was some Book of Secrets about profit optimization. But it doesn’t exist!”


Ted: “It doesn’t exist? Look pal, if this is some kind of joke, you’re messing with the wrong badge.”

(alt Ted image)


Strip 5

Ted: “It says, helps companies optimize price and cost. You need to meet me in three hours and get ready. We’re going to need the green machine.”


Ted: “Congratulations, PROS: you’ve been upgraded to a company of interest.”