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YouTube Shorts

Post 1 – Intended to be Published Before the Blog and Release:

The vote is out: people love watching and sharing short-form content on YouTube, and the big screen is our fastest-growing surface. As part of our efforts to provide all the viewing experiences you want, the YouTube product development team has been hard at work expanding Shorts to the TV screen.

We’ve been testing, gathering feedback, and reworking display options to provide viewers with a modern, big screen-friendly, interactive format that delivers for this fun and engaging content type. With the new Shorts player, you can view and interact with Shorts on a big screen without sacrificing great mobile and social features.

Stay tuned for some inside looks at how the new Shorts player was developed and its final release date. Have more suggestions on how to improve the YouTube Shorts viewing experience? We’d love to hear them.

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Suggested Replies:

Make some suggestions team members think might be cool or favorite features of how Shorts works now—and start conversations around that.

Could also start a conversation around possible new ideas to come.

Post 2 – Intended to be Published After the Blog and Release:

YouTube gets it: people want seamless experiences, and creators want more ways to engage with audiences—that’s why we created the Shorts player for your living room. However, it was no easy task. To make the process more fun for everyone , we asked participating viewers to write love or breakup letters to communicate what was great and what was not worth a date when it came to their current experience of viewing Shorts on a big screen. You can see a couple of examples in our latest YouTube Innovation Blog “A design journey from mobile to TV: YouTube Shorts arrive on the big screen.”

Overall, love letter writers sang the praises of playlist control by remote and of functions and display similar to the mobile version. But innovation doesn’t stop there—as our new Shorts experience rolls out to televisions and gaming consoles across the globe, we will continue to gather feedback and make improvements.

What are your initial thoughts on viewing Shorts in the living room?

How do you feel about Shorts in the living room?  

#youtube #UX #innovation

Suggested Replies:

Ask about devices that support Shorts.

Talk about how Shorts in the living room authentically makes things easier for you.

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Hit Pause

Post 1:

Misinformation is a tricky subject that plagued society long before the internet existed. While the internet is a great place to gather knowledge the speed and connectivity it provides amplify the risk of viewing untruthful, misleading, and even harmful information.   

As YouTube continues its efforts to provide a reliable resource by recommending content from authoritative sources and making resources readily available in information panels giving topical context below videos, we have also been working on educational outreach promoting media literacy skills through the “Hit Pause” campaign.  

The basic ideas for the campaign were first announced in the conclusion of “The 2022 U.S. midterm elections on YouTube,” a blog about how YouTube took action to reduce misinformation during the 2022 elections. “Hit Pause” is built around the promotion of media literacy, showing viewers that they have the power to hit pause and easily understand if a channel or expert is credible, find more facts on one-sided stories, identify when emotional language is being used inappropriately, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on how the team plans to further empower viewers and creators in the battle against harmful content, and view the Hit Pause YouTube channel to see how the campaign is developing

Hit Pause:

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Talk about the Hit Pause campaign. For example, start a conversation about the most recent video created for it.

Make suggestions about items that should be covered in the future to start a conversation around that.